Why You Should Use a Licensed Transportation Brokerage Company in Minnesota For Your Freight Needs

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When it comes to shipping freight for your business, the process of identifying and working with a carrier can be overwhelming, especially when your business is not equipped with the skills or technology to track shipments. If your business moves a lot of freight, your best bet is to rely on the expertise of a licensed transportation brokerage company.

What is a licensed transportation brokerage company?

Although the name might sound complex, a licensed transportation brokerage company in Minnesota is essentially a freight broker that is licensed to provide transportation brokerage services to companies requiring freight shipment.

A broker arranges freight shipments between a shipper (your business) and a carrier (the trucking company). The freight brokerage company does not transport your goods itself. Instead, it creates a network of carriers (sometimes more than hundreds of them!) that can meet the needs of its clients by transporting their freight. The freight broker will handle all of the logistics of the transport, from pickups and deliveries to special transportation requirements.

When you hire a freight broker, you send information about your shipment to the broker. The broker will take that information, process it and find a carrier that can ship the load and meet any special needs, such as refrigeration or expedited delivery. The broker will have vetted its pool of carriers, so you can be sure that your freight is in good hands.

Then, the broker will remain in contact with the carrier throughout the pickup, transport and delivery of your freight. This provides a detailed log of transportation for you to rely on. Once the delivery has been made, the broker will process the shipment information and bill you accordingly so it can pay the carrier.

Why you should rely on a transportation brokerage company

There are a lot of shipping carriers out there, and it can be difficult to find one that provides consistently reliable services for all of your freight transport needs. To minimize your risk of working with a company that doesn’t pan out like you hoped it would, you can work with an established freight broker that has lots of experience and has created a network of top-quality carriers.

Freight brokers are your go-to contact when it comes to the status of your shipments. A great licensed transportation brokerage company in Minnesota will keep the lines of communication crystal clear between you and the carrier so you can make sure your freight is being delivered as it is supposed to. This saves you time and resources that would otherwise be dedicated to managing shipments.

Additionally, while the carrier you hire to transport your goods is worried about its bottom line, a freight broker is paid by you to meet your specific needs. It’s in the freight broker’s best interest to find you the best possible transport services so you continue to work with them for your future freight shipments. Often, freight brokers are able to create customized shipping solutions for you that you might have never thought of.

If you’re in the market for a great licensed transportation brokerage company in Minnesota, contact K-Way Express, Inc.! We provide customized transportation services for clients, with delivery available across 48 states.

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