What Types of Shipments Do LTL Freight Companies Love to Ship?

November 15, 2021 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

While an LTL trucking provider will ship nearly anything, they prefer some goods more than others. Their favorite products include things that can’t easily be broken. Bricks, stone, sand, pet food and other dense commodities are preferable to more breakable or fragile items.
Carriers also like delivering to businesses where they can drop off the goods and go. The more time they have to spend loading and unloading, the higher a quote will be. So, to get the best quote for LTL shipping, ship something that won’t break or require a complicated drop off process.

Why do companies prefer LTL shipping?

LTL shipping isn’t the right choice in every circumstance, but here are a few of the reasons to consider teaming up with an LTL trucking provider:

  • Only pay for what’s needed: With LTL, you only pay for the truck space you need. So, instead of paying for an entire truck, you only pay for the square footage your items use. This is a much more cost-efficient shipping method for many business owners
  • Faster delivery times: It sounds counterintuitive, but LTL shipping is often faster than full truckload shipping. This is because you don’t have to wait for customers to fill out entire orders before you send a truck out for delivery. Hire your LTL partner as soon as you fill one pallet and let them take care of the rest.
  • Save warehouse space: Freeing up as much warehouse space as possible should be high on your priorities list, but that can be tricky if you’re going with truckload shipping because you have to wait until you have enough product to fill an entire truck. That’s not a worry with LTL shipping. Simply call your trucking provider for a pickup as soon as you start getting short on space.
  • Lower environmental impact: Consider going with LTL shipping if you’re a business owner concerned about trying to go green. Because you’re sharing the truck with other companies during the shipment, you have a much lower carbon footprint when you choose LTL shipping.
  • Increased safety: Because multiple teams handle your goods throughout their journey, you might think that they’re more likely to get broken. However, they’re actually in better hands when you go LTL. Reputable LTL companies take better care of your goods and pack them correctly to reduce the risk of mid-trip damage.
  • Easily track shipments: One reason business owners used to be hesitant about LTL shipping was that they never quite knew where their goods were in their journey. That’s not the case anymore! Reputable LTL providers give real-time updates with tracking apps. You’ll always know where your goods are and have an updated ETA.

Choose K-Way Express, Inc. as your LTL partner

If you think LTL shipping might be right for you and your business, reach out to K-Way Express, Inc. Fair pricing and speedy delivery make us a trusted and reputable LTL trucking provider. Call us or fill out our online form to get a competitive quote today.

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