What Is LTL Shipping and When Should You Use It?

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When your business requires freight transport services in Minnesota, you have a few different options. Two of the major choices are full truckload (FTL) shipping or less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping. In many cases, businesses are utilizing FTL shipping when LTL would actually provide them with greater flexibility and cost savings.

What is LTL shipping?

LTL shipping is used when your freight does not fill an entire truck trailer (so it is less than a full truckload). It’s a method of transportation that allows companies moving freight to cut costs on wasted truck space.

Typically, LTL freight will weigh under 10,000 pounds. Because of the smaller freight volumes, multiple companies can load their LTL freight onto the same truck and share the costs of transportation. This can provide huge benefits for businesses that don’t always ship large volumes at one time.

Many LTL shipping companies will use a multi-step process to collect, sort and deliver your freight. This method includes stopping at each company to pick up the freight and dropping it off at a distribution center, where the freight is sorted and loaded onto trucks delivering to another region. Then, the delivery truck will stop at each delivery destination to drop off the freight.

However, not all companies follow this model. K-Way Express, Inc. actually handles LTL a little differently so that your freight is carefully managed each step of the way, reducing stops and increasing reliability and speedy shipments. When you work with us, your freight will almost always be picked up and delivered on the same truck.

The costs of LTL shipping

Whereas the cost for full truckload shipments can typically be determined by the weight of the freight and the distance it’s traveling, LTL shipping costs are a little more complex.

The cost for your LTL freight transport services in Minnesota will depend on a number of factors, such as the dimensions and weight of your freight (to determine how much trailer space it takes up), the distance you need your freight to travel and if you need any special handling or expedited services.

The biggest factors really come down to the type and weight of the freight, though. The dimensions of your freight, as well as the type of freight you’re sending, will place it in a particular freight class, which has a specific cost associated with it. These classes have standardized pricing across the freight shipping industry.

When is LTL shipping useful for moving freight?

If your business needs to ship smaller amounts of freight on a regular basis, you can save a lot of money by utilizing LTL shipping, rather than paying for (and wasting) an entire truckload.

If you need freight to be delivered as soon as possible, LTL may not be the best option for you, since the delivery trucks must stop at multiple destinations for the different freight drop-offs. However, if you work with a great logistics company, you might be able to utilize LTL while also benefiting from fast shipments.

If you’re in need of reliable, flexible freight transport services in Minnesota, call K-Way Express, Inc. Our customized LTL and FTL freight services are designed to meet your needs across 48 states, saving you time and money.

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