What Can LTL Trucking in Minnesota Do for Your Business?

April 23, 2015 2:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When your business depends upon being able to ship goods from one place to another via truck, you’re faced with a variety of options from numerous companies, whose services may have your products to their destinations anywhere within a sizable window of time. Just keeping track of it all can be confusing and time-consuming. While some businesses find that it makes the most sense to fill an entire truck, for others, that’s not the best option at all. Especially for businesses that aren’t needing to ship mass quantities of products, waiting until they have enough orders to fill a truck turns their customers’ wait time into an eternity, and can likely have a negative impact on future sales.

For companies whose shipments tend to be on the smaller side, there’s a better option: LTL trucking in Minnesota. LTL, or “less-than-truckload” shipping, is precisely what it sounds like: a shipping option that doesn’t require that the entire truck be filled. By palletizing shipments of about 150 pounds or more, particularly when orders are in similar-sized boxes, a company can use LTL trucking to get its products out of the warehouse and into the customers’ hands much
faster. Here are some of the benefits LTL trucking can offer your business:

  • Lower cost than full-truckload shipping: Almost every business is happy to save money where it can, and LTL trucking provides an opportunity for your business to cut down on costs. Rather than wasting money paying for full-truckload shipping even when there’s still room on the truck, you can ship your products at lower cost using LTL trucking.
  • Faster delivery time: Particularly if you have shipments going to different parts of the country, you’ll quickly find that LTL trucking will get your products to their destinations much faster than full-truckload shipping. Because the driver won’t have to make a bunch of stops at destinations along the way, all of your customers will benefit from faster delivery
  • Much easier tracking: Another advantage of LTL trucking is that it makes shipments a lot easier to track, both for you and for your customers. With fewer items in any given shipment, it also reduces the likelihood that anything will get lost, which makes tracking much more reliable, as well
  • Greater flexibility: Every business appreciates some flexibility whenever it can be achieved, and LTL trucking allows your business to be more flexible with delivery times as well as shipping costs. It also gives you more options for working with the company or companies that transport your goods.

As the economics of shipping are transformed by technology and transportation, the options at your disposal are being transformed as well. If you’re wondering whether LTL trucking in Minnesota would be a good option for your company, contact the team at K-Way Express, Inc. We’ve been serving customers like you since 1949, and we offer our services throughout the lower 48 states. We look forward to hearing from you and telling you more about what LTL trucking can do for you and your business!

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