What Are the Benefits of LTL Freight?

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Less than truckload (LTL) freight involves transporting items that don’t require a full truckload. This typically involves moving many separate shipments on a single truck. These shipments are often arranged on pallets and vary widely in size, from hundreds of pounds to several tons.

You might be wondering why hiring an LTL trucking company can work for you. Let’s take a look at how LTL freight works and why it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to move goods.

The basics of LTL freight

LTL transport involves using partial loads combined to form full truckloads. This is done for the sake of efficiency. How much this service costs is based on how much space is being utilized and the class of items being transported, as well as where the shipment is coming from and going to.

This can be done via standard, expedited or guaranteed shipping. LTL freight is also eligible for special services like residential pickup and delivery, lift gate pickup and delivery and more. These kinds of services are typically available at an additional fee.

Why you should choose LTL freight

A reputable LTL trucking company can offer significant benefits for businesses shipping smaller volumes of goods. The clearest benefit for businesses is the cost. Your shipment isn’t taking up the entire truck, so therefore the cost is spread out among all clients shipping goods. You only pay for the space you’re using, making it a fraction of the cost of shipping a full truckload of goods—or a partial truckload you aren’t sharing with other customers.

This is why so many small businesses are choosing to send goods via LTL freight. They ship fewer goods and have less stringent requirements for shipping than larger companies. LTL freight is an ideal way to keep costs down, which every small business owner knows is important.

On top of that, LTL freight is a more environmentally friendly way to go. That’s because the shipping process requires fewer full loads. In turn, this lessens the volume of emissions trucks are generating for goods to arrive at their destinations.

Finding the right LTL trucking company

Though there are clear benefits to business owners, LTL freight does come with some challenges. You want to work with a partner who pays attention to details and is experienced in LTL shipping. The last thing you want is for the shipment of goods to arrive late or damaged.

For successful LTL shipping, you want to find a carrier that uses a transportation management system. This is a best practice in the industry to ensure goods arrive on time and in excellent condition. You also want to find a company that will provide consistent, accurate information about your shipments. It’s their responsibility to keep you informed about any problems that might pop up.

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