We’re Still Shipping During COVID-19!

May 5, 2020 10:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Trucking companies are essential businesses in Minnesota. As such, we are still taking shipment orders and ensuring your cargo successfully makes its journey from Point A to Point B. We are also offering the same thorough and timely service as we did before the pandemic limitations started. Here are five ways we are supporting safety and timeliness during this challenging period:

  • Maintaining hygiene: The strongest weapon against COVID-19 is good hygiene. We are currently sanitizing our trucks and encouraging drivers to wear masks and wash their hands. If they do not have access to water, we also help them stay equipped with hand sanitizer. This not only controls the spread and prevents us from getting clients sick, but also keeps our drivers healthy. We cannot meet deadlines without a fully functional fleet, and that includes our drivers.
  • In-house maintenance: You can be sure that these hygiene practices are consistent because all our vehicles undergo in-house maintenance. We are not outsourcing this job and increasing exposure risk. Throughout the life of our company, our in-house mechanics have contributed to the efficiency and quality of our services. They continue to do that, plus support our commitment to hygienic practices.
  • Contactless delivery: We will work with clients to support contactless delivery or, at the very least, make social distancing possible. Our less-than-truckload deliveries already incorporate minimal handling, so that is a natural control in our practices. If you have specific handling practices to reduce exposure, let us know before we deliver. That way we are prepared to support your procedures and ensure the safety of your workers and our drivers.
  • Expedited options: The sooner we can complete your delivery, the more likely your cargo will arrive safely and without the potential of infection. Cargo can become a germ vector if it is handled constantly or if drivers make multiple stops to many clients. If you expedite the delivery, we may be able to avoid unnecessary stops and handling. Let us know if this is important, and if we must group cargo types, we will let you know. That way, anyone at your office who handles the package knows to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Large fleet: It is necessary to have a backup plan, no matter how safely we operate. We maintain a fleet of 40 tractors, so if we have to quarantine a truck after a driver is sick, we can do so and still have a replacement ready to go. Even with all precautions taken, we are not naive to the fact that there is still a possibility that a driver may be exposed and infected. If that occurs, we will disinfect and quarantine the tractor until we know its driver tests negative for the virus. Redundancy is necessary as long as that remains a possibility.

Trucking companies are still operating in Minnesota, and that includes K-Way Express, Inc. Freight still moves as people stay in and order more deliveries, and we partner with individuals and companies in that effort. Contact us today for a price quote.

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