Want to Work for a Shipping Company in Minnesota? Here’s How to Get Your CDL

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Are you looking for an entryway into a steady, engaging career that offers the potential for advancement? If so, you might want to consider working for a shipping company in Minnesota, like K-Way Express, Inc. Working for a trucking and logistics company is challenging and rewarding, and we value each of our employees here at K-Way Express, Inc.

But before you can get a job as a commercial truck driver, you need to get your commercial driver’s license, or CDL. Here is an overview of what a CDL is, why it is necessary and how you can get one.

Know the basics

If you currently have a regular Class C license, then you should understand the basics of how a CDL works: it permits drivers to operate larger, commercial-sized trucks and other vehicles. In fact, the process you go through to earn a CDL is also very similar to the process of getting an ordinary driver’s license.

But if you happen to be a recently retired military service veteran, you might be able to bypass this process altogether. Currently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allows veterans who operated commercial-sized vehicles in the military a 90-day waiver period during which they may receive a CDL without having to take the skills test.

If you are not a recent veteran, read on for more information.

Get your permit

A Commercial Learners Permit, or CLP, is what will allow you to practice for your CDL test. Along with passing several different knowledge tests, you are also required to have a clean driving record, and your record over the last 10 years in all 50 states, along with Washington, D.C., will be checked before you receive a permit.

Once you have obtained your permit, you are allowed to operate a commercial vehicle, so long as someone with a valid CDL is sitting next to you. Make sure you take plenty of time to practice with your CLP before taking the CDL test.

Take the test

After plenty of practice, you will be ready to take the CDL test. This test is broken down into three separate parts: a vehicle inspection test, a basic controls test and a road test. You must pass all three parts before receiving your CDL.

Once you have passed, you will receive your license, either that day or later through the mail. Once you have a CDL, you will be welcome to apply with any shipping company in Minnesota.

Welcome aboard

Here at K-Way Express, Inc., we are always looking for smart, capable and reliable individuals looking for an exciting new career in logistics. If you think this career path might be for you, then we encourage you to do more research on earning your CDL. Once you pass the CDL test, many new avenues will open up to you.

And if you are looking for a shipping company in Minnesota that only employs drivers with CDLs, look no further than K-Way Express, Inc. We look forward to working with you.

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