Unexpected Items That Require Cold Storage in Minnesota

December 10, 2016 12:11 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Meat, vegetables and other foodstuffs are obvious beneficiaries of cold storage in Minnesota. However, other items also require this service and last longer in cooler and temperature-controlled storage facilities. You may deal in antiques or agricultural products and yet never consider how cold storage offers advantages over other options. Here are five unexpected items that could benefit from our cold storage services:

  • Artwork and antiques: Older pieces of art and furniture need cooler temperatures and protection from the elements to last. Paintings are especially vulnerable to flaking and fading if they are exposed to temperature fluctuations and sunlight. If you place these prized items in storage that is set to cooler temperatures and blocks out light, you will preserve their quality better—especially if you need to store them for the long term. Whether you are moving or need a place for extra inventory, we can help you keep older items preserved.
  • Plants and seeds: Living plants stay fresh longer in cooler temperatures. You will not want to extend this treatment to living tropical plants, but cut flowers from warmer climates last longer in cold storage. If you are preserving flower pieces for a wedding, funeral or other event, reserve cold storage space so these items look as good the day of the event as they did when you finished designing and assembling them. Seeds are the same way. If you run a nursery and need to keep seeds fresh for next season, put them in a moisture-proof container and rent cold storage to preserve them.
  • Wax products: If your retail space features candles, you will want your inventory in cold storage. Keeping candles too long in uneven temperatures can compromise their quality. Beeswax products also stay intact longer if you rent cold storage. If you manufacture these items and ship them frequently, you will also want to hire temperature-controlled trucks so they arrive at their destination in optimal condition. These are sensitive products, and our cold storage services can help.
  • Cosmetics: Lipstick especially does better in cooler temperatures. In fact, consumers are often advised to keep it in their refrigerator rather than let it decompose in a drawer. Cologne also maintains its scent longer in cold environments, so if your retail inventory includes these products, cold storage is a good investment. However, perfume needs to be stored at room temperature, so be sure to know the difference!
  • Film: While digital photography has taken over with both stills and moving pictures alike, there are still old-school reels and rolls of film requiring preservation. This happens best in cold storage. There is a new market in digitally rendering older pictures, but you need the original film for that to happen, so keep those rolls and strips intact! Even Hollywood realizes the value of old movies and now makes the effort to keep the original reels in temperature-controlled spaces. You have the option to take the same care with old film you use for personal or business purposes.

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