Tips for School Zone Safety in Minnesota

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Tips for School Zone Safety in Minnesota

Now that summer is winding down and many schools are back in session for the fall, it’s important for drivers to exercise increased caution on neighborhood streets near schools. Between an influx of school buses and student crossings and an increase of cars on the road for school pickup and drop-off, there are a lot of hazards that drivers need to look out for. Read on for some effective tips for school zone safety in Minnesota that can keep you safe this school year and help you avoid tragedy on the road:

  • Pay attention to bus signals: School buses make frequent stops to pick up and drop off students before and after school. Many buses pick up students who live on both sides of the street, so it’s important to always stop for a school bus when they signal a stop, no matter which side of the road you are driving on. Even though it can be frustrating to get stuck behind a school bus, it’s always better to err on the side of caution and avoid the risk of passing a school bus on their route.
  • Afford yourself extra time on your commute: Driving through a school zone can add a considerable amount of time to your daily commute. You have to follow reduced speed limits, yield to buses and wait for crossing guards around schools. To avoid the frustration of delays that make you late for work, leave the house early or try to avoid school zones entirely on your daily commute.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: It’s always important to pay attention when you’re driving, but it’s even more critical to be vigilant in school zones, where there are additional hazards. Make sure to pay close attention to students who want to cross the road, and keep your eye out for advisory signs to ensure that you’re following any and all speed laws. Avoid doing anything that might distract you while you’re driving through a school zone, like flipping through radio stations or making a phone call.
  • Drive defensively: It’s always better to take a little bit of extra time to get to your destination safely, rather than rushing through your commute and risking an accident or collision. Look both ways at every intersection before crossing, even if you are permitted to go. On streets lined with parked cars, drive slowly and keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians who might dart out to cross the street. School zones are specially designated as such for a reason, and you should always be aware and alert when you’re driving near a school to keep yourself, other drivers and students safe.

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School zone safety is incredibly important for drivers to be aware of, but no matter where you’re driving, safety should always be the first priority. At K-Way Express, Inc., we are dedicated to the safety of our drivers and of everyone else on the road. If you want to learn more about joining our team or you’re interested in our services, simply reach out to us today.

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