The Services Offered by LTL Trucking

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LTL trucking (or less than truckload freight) is a popular trucking service that can provide many unique benefits for your company. Understanding this option can help you decide if it is right for you or if you need to pick a different method. Here are a few important things to understand about less than truckload freight, including how this method is handled and planned.

The LTL Method

LTL trucking typically includes loads anywhere from 150 to 10,000 pounds. It is suitable in situations when you need a delivery but don’t want to pay for a whole truckload. Companies also choose this option when they simply don’t need a full truck but do need a shipment very quickly. This effective choice helps them get the necessary goods without paying too much.

This trucking service typically includes arranging goods on pallets throughout a truck and tying them down to keep them stable. The truck size used may vary depending on your needs. For example, LTL shipping may include smaller trucks that don’t cost as much as bigger options. Other shipping teams may only have larger trucks and ship goods in an unfilled truck.

Typically, this option also includes multi-stop deliveries, which allow shipping companies to serve many customers. It may also include standard and expedited options, meaning you can get your goods more quickly. The overall cost is a fraction of what you’d normally pay, too, meaning that you can more easily stay within budget and avoid spending too much cash.

The Benefits of LTL Trucking

This trucking service has many benefits that make it more than worth the investment price. Just a few different ways it can benefit you include:

  • Save Money: Since you’re paying for much smaller loads and don’t have to get a full truck, you get charged for the portion of the truck you use. This causes much smaller shipping bills.
  • Adaptable Shipping Size: Rather than buying a full truck of goods every month and planning around it, you can create adaptable shipping sizes that serve your needs.
  • Friendly for eCommerce: If you run an eCommerce business, you may not need a full truck for delivery. LTL helps by minimizing costs and providing quick shipment when needed.
  • Environmentally Conscious: This process helps protect the environment by reducing emissions with compressed delivery services that deliver to multiple companies.

An LTL trucking firm typically uses things like a transportation management system to help improve shipping. These systems sync up with your inventory management processes to help you track delivery, make a quick order, and gauge when your order will likely arrive.

We Can Help You!

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