Summer Commands a Need for Temperature-Controlled Storage in Minnesota

June 15, 2016 6:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Though the seasons may change several times a year, bringing new and interesting challenges with them, the demands of the freight industry remain very much the same from January to December. Simply put: goods need to be transported regardless of what the weather is like outside!

And while winter tends to be thought of as the most fundamentally problematic season for freight transport, it must also be remembered that the temperature extremes of summer cause just as many issues—especially if you’re transporting anything that requires strict temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota.

The food and beverage industry in particular sees a great need for temperature controlled storage at any time of the year, but much more so during the summer months. Even the shortest exposure to scorching temperatures can be enough to spoil food, taint beverages and ultimately ruin a shipment. To this end, it’s extremely important to seek temperature controlled storage that’s being set and monitored to meet the exact needs of your freight. Some of the things to look for when it comes to temperature controlled storage include:

  • Arrive and departure temperature recordings. This will ensure freight is accepted at an appropriate temperature and that you’re getting things off on the right foot.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring, which will both alert personnel to any temperature fluctuations in real time, as well as provide a record of temperature control throughout the life of the storage.
  • Fail safe mechanisms to alert when temperatures are too high, fluctuating or failing, with backup systems in place to ensure inventory isn’t lost in the event of catastrophic first system failure.
  • Personnel handing expertise when it comes to temperature controlled goods. Simply having the right temperature isn’t enough—understanding the nuances of handling these sensitive items means understanding what should or should not be done during their transport.

In many cases, even the difference of a few degrees could spell doom for an entire inventory of product, which makes having a refined and reliable temperature controlled storage provider such a necessity during the summer months.

Temperature regulation from start to finish                                           

It’s also worth noting that temperature controlled storage in Minnesota can take many forms, lending benefits to different inventories in different situations. From regulated warehousing to controlled boxcars to temperature-regulated freight trailers, presiding over the temperature of your freighted goods is essential from the beginning of the journey to the very end destination.

More than just offering controlled temperatures from beginning to end, it’s essential to ensure minimal (if any) changes in temperature! Controlling the temperature in intervals, between loading and unloading, means nothing if the product is spoiled or damaged during these key exchanges. Control throughout is imperative.

If you’re looking for an encompassing solution to temperature controlled storage in Minnesota, make sure you’re looking to K-Way Express, Inc. With years of experience and temperature control capabilities that are completely focus on quality, we’re your premier source for summertime freight with unique temperature requirements.

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