Small Business Shipping: Understanding the Differences Between TL and LTL Trucking in Minnesota

May 25, 2017 11:47 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether or not your company chooses to ship cargo via TL or LTL trucking in Minnesota will be determined based on a lot of varying factors, and it is not always easy to know which is best. For help in figuring out which is best for your small business, consider the key difference between the two shipping options.

Truckload shipments

When a shipment takes up an entire semi-trailer that is anywhere from 20 to 53 feet long by itself, it is considered to be a truckload (TL). These truck loads typically are more than 10,000 pounds, or contain at least 10 pallets. Some companies prefer this method even when they don’t have a full truckload worth of goods because dedicated truckloads only make one stop. But because you will be responsible for paying for the entire truck regardless, this option might not always be the most cost-effective. The truckload option is good for large companies with sizable budgets that consistently move or receive a lot of freight.

Less than truckload shipments

Less than truckload shipments (LTL) are smaller loads that only take up a portion of a trailer and can be combined with shipments from other companies for safe transit. Utilizing this method, you will pay only for the amount of space that you use, along with the distance your shipment needs to travel. Companies are sometimes wary initially because of the perceived amount of time that these shared trips might take, since more than one stop will have to be made in order to accommodate all of the shipments that are on a trailer.

Fortunately, a quality shipping company with logistical experience can schedule and arrange individual shipments in ways that will still maximize a driver’s efficiency, allowing your company to save both time and money. This shipping option is great for small to mid-sized companies that don’t own any trucks of their own and don’t have a large enough budget to be able to ship truckloads consistently, but that still have the need to move a lot of freight with cost-effective logistical solutions.

There are other factors that could ultimately play a role in whether you choose TL or LTL trucking in Minnesota. For example, you might need to explore temperature controlled shipping options to accommodate the transportation of specialized cargo. Or your small business might want to stick with LTL shipping, but you have to add an expedited option because of a critical time requirement.

No matter what it is that your small business needs, if you are looking for an affordable yet reliable way to be able to move your freight consistently, we at K-Way Express, Inc. are ready to meet all of your needs. Unlike most companies, we do not move your shipment around to multiple trailers after we pick it up, ensuring that your shipment remains protected from damage. Contact us today for a customized quote that offers solutions that are best for your company’s specific situation. We look forward to helping you meet your shipping needs!

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