Sleep Tips for Truckers: How to Get Good Sleep on the Road

March 2, 2020 9:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As a kid, nap time seemed like a punishment, but your parents knew how important it was for you to get the right amount of sleep each day. Nevertheless, you cried and pouted instead of taking those naps. Now you’re an adult wishing you could cash in on all those unused sleep hours from your childhood. It’s no secret that many adults have a more difficult time getting good sleep—especially if you have a deadline-driven job like big rig drivers. Nothing takes more of a toll on your quality of sleep than being behind the wheel for hours at a time.

Parking and getting sleep on the road can sometimes be a challenge for Minnesota truck drivers, but it’s not impossible. Here’s a list of the best sleep tips for truckers.

Improve sleeper cab comfort

Most long-distance truck drivers have a sleep cab. This area inside your truck cab needs to be as comfortable as possible so you can sleep better whenever and wherever—improve your sleeper cab to maximize your periods of rest. Think of this space as your bedroom when you’re on the road. It should have all the comforts of home, even though it’s only feet away from where you do your job. A comfortable sleeper cab helps you fall asleep faster and easier so you wake up rested and ready to face the next leg of your journey. Here are some suggestions:

  • Get the right mattress for your body type and use a mattress topper to make it more comfortable.
  • Use pillows that are both comfortable and supportive. It’s no good starting your day with a stiff neck.
  • To help you fall asleep easier, make sure the inside of your rig is set to a cooler temperature.

Block out light

Most people sleep better in the dark than in lit areas. As a truck driver, chances are you don’t have what would be considered a normal sleep schedule. For you, parking and getting sleep on the road can take place at night or right in the middle of a bright sunny day. Be prepared to sleep any time of the day by keeping window covers on hand in your rig. Use pulldown sunshades, hang curtains or sheets, wear an eye mask—just do what you can to make the interior of your cab as dark as possible. Don’t forget to cover onboard electronic devices.

Reduce outside noise

In addition to light, outside noises can disturb a truck driver’s sleep. Earplugs are a must-have for all long-haul truckers—they are a great way to reduce sleep-ruining noise. Check out these tips to avoid common noise and vibrations that can keep you up:

  • Prepare your sleeper cab ahead of time.
  • Choose an ideal sleep environment before parking and sleeping. If you can, park far away from other parked semi trucks.
  • Park as far away as you can from the freeway or any busy road to avoid noise and vibrations.

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