Our Trucking Company in Minnesota Meets Deadlines

February 28, 2017 4:44 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Shipping deadlines can become the bane of a trucking company in Minnesota. Even with careful planning, the odds can be stacked against us when weather, road construction or mechanical failures threaten timely delivery. However, our thorough and knowledgeable approach helps our deliveries remain on time in most circumstances. This is how we accomplish this:

  • Multi-tasking: We believe every minute counts. Drivers often devote idle time to other tasks. For example, it can take a while for a large truck to fuel up, and that is a perfect time for drivers to perform pre-trip inspections or update logs. It requires experience and creativity to develop this routine, but once drivers find their own way to efficiency, it creates extra hours on the road.
  • Cab amenities: Those not involved in the trucking industry are frequently surprised by the amenities in long-haul truck cabs. While these are not large spaces, they can offer home comforts like refrigerators and microwaves. These appliances reduce the costs of eating out and take less time while drivers make cross-country deliveries. There is less driving to find a truck stop, and less time spent in diners. It is easier to rest and get back on the road quickly.
  • Plan thorough routes: We research weather, road construction and other conditions that could impede timely travel. If there is a need to plan an alternative route, we will accomplish that. Even if a contingency arises unexpectedly, dispatch is prepared to guide a driver around it. Every travel plan has a backup plan.
  • Rest: Drivers must limit their time on the road or they become a hazard to themselves or others. No amount of coffee will make up for a lack of rest—it is simply not productive to stay up for days straight. An accident or citation for erratic driving will delay delivery. Also, federal law requires rest periods, and failing to make time for them can result in fines and sanctions against our company. Rest time is not only for catching up on sleep, but allows drivers to restock food, finish laundry and order minor maintenance or repairs. Once the refrigerator is full and clothes are clean, drivers may even explore new areas. This time to refresh makes driving time more productive and pleasant.
  • Set early arrival times: If we plan for drivers to arrive a day or two early, that allows extra time in case contingencies arise. “Expect the best, prepare for the worst” makes for a good philosophy in the trucking business! Drivers may find roads re-routed or a giant accident closes sections of the highway. Even small developments like pothole filling can delay deliveries. If we plan for an early arrival, it is easier to work around these developments and still arrive on time. The worst that can happen is an early arrival, which exceeds customer expectations!

K-Way Express, Inc. is a trucking company in Minnesota that has been a family business for over 60 years. You can trust us to plan well and serve your industry delivery needs with dedication. Call us today to see what we can get accomplished for you.

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