Our Shipping Company in Minnesota Puts Safety First!

February 16, 2017 11:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Being safe on the road helps K-Way Express, Inc. remain the most trusted shipping company in Minnesota. When safety falls by the wayside, it causes delays as well as reduced worker morale, damaged shipments and even legal compliance problems. Our customers know their cargo travels well with us, and we take precautions to keep it that way. Here are five of our safety practices:

  • Skilled driving: We find well-trained drivers who manage speed and handle their trucks with skill. An accident causes delay and damaged goods, which do nothing to inspire customer confidence. Drivers know to maintain a reasonable speed and watch their blind spots. The most common causes of accidents, backing up and parking, do not faze them, as our drivers can complete these tasks without causing dents to their own or other vehicles. Even the smallest fender bender can destroy a deadline, so we do what we can to avoid even the most minor scenarios.
  • Staying informed of road conditions: One quarter of truck accidents involve speeding in inclement weather. Ice, snow and heavy rain affect semi-trucks differently than cars. Our company hires drivers who understand this. Besides weather, work zones and narrow roads also produce road conditions that challenge truck driving. We follow traffic and weather alerts so we can plan around these contingencies before we start driving. It also allows drivers to be mentally prepared for the conditions.
  • Maintaining driving breaks: Driving fatigued can be more dangerous than driving drunk. Paying attention to the road and weather conditions is difficult when drivers cannot keep their eyes open. Our logistics plans always include breaks so drivers get enough sleep on cross-country drives and have time to rest during busy days. Encouraging overwork may seem to contribute to productivity, but it only increases risks that set back deliveries for an entire day.
  • Keeping trucks in good repair: When trucks break down on the road, it is an ordeal. Towing and repairing trucks is a big deal on their own, but when you add a delivery into the mix, this scenario becomes extremely disruptive. We seek to detect mechanical problems before they become serious. Therefore, we stick to maintenance schedules and make repairs at the first sign of trouble. Well-running trucks are essential to on-time delivery and good customer service, so we make that a priority.
  • Communication: Each driver has a cell phone for immediate connection with the dispatcher. We make the effort to keep accidents and breakdowns rare, but sometimes, a fender bender is not our driver’s fault and road delays appear unexpectedly. Communication helps drivers navigate these issues so they can face the issues and still make their delivery. Also, we acknowledge that while we take preventative action, it is not always possible to detect mechanical failures or avoid all accidents. Keeping close to dispatch makes these issues much more manageable.

K-Way Express, Inc. is a reliable shipping company in Minnesota. We are a family-owned business with 60 years of experience behind us. If you need local or national delivery, call us today and learn why you can depend on our team.

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