Now That We Have Three Vaccines, Will Life Return to Normal?

March 4, 2021 6:45 am Published by Leave your thoughts

For one year, people across the country and around the world have been wondering if things will ever return to “normal.” Will we be able to go to concerts again? Attend baseball games? Leave home without a mask in our pocket? With the recent release of three new vaccines for COVID-19 and the introduction of vaccination passports, many Minnesotans are hoping to see this return to normalcy soon.

Still, will the use of vaccination passports really feel “normal”? What will this look like, and will it be healthy? Health organizations and governments are attempting to navigate new waters with the logistics and ethical decisions involved. Several issues are topping the list of concerns.

Logistical use of vaccination passports

Other countries, including Israel, have started using vaccination passports to limit access to public events. Attendees to a concert, for example, must show proof at the door that they have received a vaccine or have fully recovered from COVID-19 before they will be allowed entry.

Referred to as a green badge or green passport, this proof of COVID-free status gives certain people the freedom to attend such events. Some governments are in the process of determining if and how to use such systems to grant access for events and travel. However, logistics for such systems can get complicated if they are not compatible with each other or have different standards.

Ethical use of vaccination passports

Another top concern are the ethical considerations of using vaccination passports. What about Minnesota residents who for one reason or another cannot get vaccinated? Should they be banned from social gatherings for life? Is it ethical to restrict their travel, so they are never allowed to leave the country or enter certain regions?

Decision-makers are faced with answering these difficult questions as they begin to use vaccination passports.

Availability of vaccination passports

The third major concern with vaccination passports is the availability of the three vaccines in Minnesota in beyond. Even though the vaccines are free, not everyone worldwide has access to a vaccine. Even in the United States, some regions have more vaccines available than others.

Will using vaccination passports to grant or deny access to people create an even greater socioeconomic divide? Will those in less wealthy nations or regions be left behind because they can’t get a “green badge”? Even more concerning, could a lack of access to the vaccine be used intentionally to limit access to certain people? Again, these questions and more must be explored as we move toward what might be the new normal.

Vaccine distribution

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