New E-Log Requirements for Trucking Companies in Minnesota Take Effect December 21

September 13, 2017 11:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

For years, trucking companies have utilized electronic logging technology in order to keep detailed information of their fleets easily accessible. E-logs take the guesswork out of record keeping and data logging and make it much easier for businesses of all sizes to track their drivers and routes.

While many trucking companies in Minnesota have willingly made the switch to e-logs over the years, there is a mandated transition that has been put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for all truck operators to switch to e-logs by December 21, 2017. Even though this switch might seem like a hassle if you haven’t been utilizing e-log technology up until this point, you can still enjoy many benefits when you switch that will make it well worth the effort:

  • Shift compliance: There are often very specific regulations in place that dictate shifts and breaks for commercial drivers. Electronic logging technology allows for drivers to see at a glance exactly how much driving they have been doing and when they need to take their next break. The fact that everything is automated means that there is a lower chance of human error that could lead to unauthorized or prolonged shifts.
  • Convenience: Since electronic logs track driving stats automatically, they allow drivers to focus completely on their primary job responsibilities. Paper logs can be difficult and confusing to maintain, not to mention the fact that it is too easy for mistakes to go unnoticed. With e-logs, drivers can simply get into their vehicle and begin driving, and the electronic logging device will take care of the rest. Since e-logs are securely installed in a vehicle, they are also much harder to lose or misplace than paper logs are. This keeps important data safe.
  • Easy access: Being able to quickly and easily access driving stats and information is another benefit of e-logs. They make inspections and data access far easier than paper logs.
  • Worker safety: One of the most dangerous things that a driver can do on the road is to drift off or become too drowsy to focus. Paper logs can sometimes make it difficult to accurately determine when a driver will need to take a break. In addition, it can be all too easy for a driver to keep driving even when they are in need of a break when they are self-regulating with paper records. E-logs hold drivers accountable to maintaining appropriate shifts and prevent them from overworking and becoming tired.

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