Little-Known Facts About the Trucking Industry, Part 2

December 23, 2020 10:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Recently we published part one of a mini-series exploring some little-known facts about truckers and the trucking industry. Today we continue on with part two!

Here’s a look at some more elements of a trucking job that people who don’t work for a trucking company in Minnesota might not be aware of.

Many truckers’ engines are specially programmed to prevent speeding

There are many trucking companies that will limit the speed of the trucks in their fleet. If you’ve ever seen trucks on the road that seem to be moving extremely slowly compared to the rest of the flow of traffic, there’s a good chance that either they have a low speed cap, they are being cautious due to the goods they’re transporting or both.

When these speed caps are implemented, they’re directly programmed into the engine’s computer, which means it becomes impossible for the truck to go faster than that speed.

Truckers do have the flexibility to have some fun

Most truck drivers are tasked with delivering goods on a tight schedule, but there are some times when the driver might be running ahead of schedule, which gives them a bit of flexibility. Considering how much ground these drivers cover and how many new places they see while out on the road, it can be fun to use this spare time to make a brief stop at certain tourist attractions.

Of course, it can be difficult to navigate a large trailer through some local roads, so one common method is to park somewhere else and then call in an Uber if it’s in an urban area. This is a pretty frequently used way for truckers to enjoy themselves during their free time.

Most drivers are not allowed to pick up hitchhikers

You’ve probably seen movies (most likely horror movies) that feature truck drivers picking up hitchhikers with grisly consequences, but the fact is that the vast majority of truck drivers are not allowed to pick up hitchhikers. There are major insurance issues that occur when an unauthorized passenger enters the vehicle.

Because most companies also have a camera on the dash, they can easily tell if the driver has an unauthorized passenger in the vehicle, so it’s not wise for drivers to shirk those guidelines.

Believe it or not, people do call that “how’s my driving?” number

On the back of many tractor trailers, you’ll often find an 800 number with a sign that encourages people to call in and report the trucker’s driving. Usually, the only people who would call into this number are people who are upset about the trucker’s driving for whatever reason. And yes, people do actually call in occasionally. However, whether or not the complaints are taken seriously depends on the demeanor of the person making the call and their specific complaints.

For more peeks behind the curtain to give you greater insight into the world of trucking and what we do here at K-Way Express, Inc., contact our logistics and trucking company in Minnesota with your questions.

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