In Need of Help with Logistics in Minnesota? Here Are Five Qualities to Look for in a Shipping Company

July 15, 2016 5:50 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If your business requires products to be shipped, it’s rarely as simple as getting things from Point A to Point B. For example, you may have multiple warehouses, or clients throughout the country who rely on your products and expect to have their stock replenished in a timely fashion. When the particulars of your shipping have become too complex for your company to handle on its own, it’s probably time to look into using a logistics specialist. Here are some things to look for in such a company.

Services that meet your needs

Take time to consider your needs and what types of services you will need to meet those needs. What are the routes you will need the shipping company to make? What type of transport will you need? What kind of equipment does the shipping company use, and does it apply to your company’s needs? And then there is the issue of budget. It is important to make sure you fully understand the costs of the services you’re looking for. You need to focus on companies that can provide an estimate that is as accurate as possible. The right company for logistics in Minnesota should be able to thoroughly analyze and calculate the costs of the services you require with little variance.

A track record of effectiveness

In today’s information age, we have the ability to do thorough reconnaissance with every aspect of our lives – restaurants, services, products, sites like Yelp (for services) and Amazon (for products) give us insight into what we are about to invest in. Finding the right company for logistics in Minnesota is no different. Do your research to see what people are saying. Ask the company itself if they can provide testimonies from past and current clients. This will give you some peace of mind, as these testimonies say a great deal about the company.

Beyond transportation

Ideal logistics in Minnesota offers more than just picking up and dropping off cargo. The best service would include a tailored approach to your transportation needs, multiple types of transport to best fit your cargo and stellar communication between the company and the drivers, so you can rest easy knowing that your loads are properly cared for. Keep in mind that a shipping company that offers a “standard contract” probably isn’t a good choice.


When it comes to shipping and logistics, time efficiency is an important factor to consider. Time adds cost, so finding the most time-efficient logistics in Minnesota is critical. Analyze your needs and come up with an ideal, reasonable timeframe that you can present to potential shipping companies. The right company will find a way to make your timeframe work. For example, if you’re shipping LTL, a good logistics company should employ a protocol that includes minimal product handling, which not only saves time, but reduces damages to the goods as well.

A full range of services

As previously said, the right company to handle your logistics in Minnesota will offer all the services you need. Those services may include: fulfillment, warehouse services, shipment tracking, pricing guarantees and high-volume order processing, among others. Do your homework and fully analyze your needs so you know exactly what to ask for when you are gauging logistics services. An exceptional logistics company will also utilize modern technology to ensure the best service.

Finding the right logistics in Minnesota might seem daunting; there are many factors to consider that have a huge impact on your business. To make your job easier and have all your needs met, contact K-Way Express, Inc. for logistics, shipping, warehouse services and more.

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