How Trucking Companies in Minnesota Make Holiday Shipping Possible

December 26, 2017 3:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Throughout the year, trucking companies in Minnesota take on huge volumes of orders and deliver all kinds of cargo to customers across the country. During the holiday season, trucking companies become even busier as they try to keep up with the demands of shoppers who are looking for gifts for family and friends, as well as the stores who need to keep items in stock in order to sell them.

When you consider all of the consumers who purchase goods during the holiday season, it may seem that it would be nearly impossible for trucking companies to successfully accommodate all of the logistical demands of this time of year. So, how do trucking companies make holiday shipping happen? Plenty of coordination between retailers and shipping companies is involved:

  • Communication is key: The most important thing for retailers and trucking companies in Minnesota to keep in mind during the holiday season is communication. Retail companies should share projections of order volume with their trucking company of choice as soon as possible to promote successful holiday shipping strategies. It’s important that companies who need shipping services are transparent about their needs as well as their concerns so that shipping companies can create a plan that is designed to accommodate them.
  • Ensuring capacity: In the past, retailers have gotten into hot water during the holiday season by making shipping-related promises to customers that could not be delivered due to a lack of capacity. Always secure more capacity than you think you need, and have a secondary shipping plan readily available in case something goes wrong.
  • Learn from mistakes: There is no way to avoid the occasional shipping fiasco—especially during the holiday season. Thankfully, you can use these less-than-ideal situations to improve your future holiday shipping practices. Any mistakes or complications that you experienced next year should be carefully examined to determine what kinds of changes you should make to improve your shipping.
  • Logistics, logistics, logistics: Trying to coordinate your own transportation and shipping is an overwhelming feat during the holiday season. Working with a logistics company allows you to set aside many of your shipping concerns and focus on the quality of their products and their customer service. By allowing a professional logistics company to take on shipping coordination, you can keep your attention on other important operational aspects of your company. Logistics companies have a breadth of experience that allows them to deliver outstanding shipping and transportation that is tailored to your specific needs.

Without the hard work of logistics and trucking companies in Minnesota collaborating closely with retailers, the incredible amount of shipping that is needed during the holiday season would be impossible. At K-Way Express, Inc., we understand the importance of collaboration and communication to keep customers happy. We have decades of experience providing logistical services that include shipping and transportation. Our team can create a logistics plan that is designed for you so that you can keep your customers satisfied. You can find out more about our history and our services on our website. Call us to get started!

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