How Does a Trucking Business Work and What Do They Do?

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Even if you’ve never ridden in a truck in your life, the trucking industry plays a larger role in your day-to-day life than you might realize. It’s estimated that up to 70 percent of all food and goods in the United States are transported by truck, which means that it’s incredibly important for other businesses to find a reliable and efficient trucking company in Minnesota to partner with.
The trucking industry plays a large role in transporting goods from warehouses to retail centers, but they also transport building materials, livestock and other building blocks of our everyday lives.

So how, exactly, does a trucking business operate? Let’s find out.

Business requirements

Aside from the normal business permits and licenses that a company needs to do business within the United States, every trucking company will need to get driving-specific permits and licenses, as well as pay the applicable special taxes. These can vary whether the company is an inter- or intra-state transportation company.

The drivers themselves need to have commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs), and depending on the type of goods they’re hauling, they may have to have additional licenses. One example is a hazardous materials license, which certifies that the driver knows how to properly and safely transport that material according to local, state and federal laws. These usually require special classes and other types of education.

Day-to-day operations

The management of a trucking company not only requires knowledge and compliance with business regulations, but also involves planning, oversight and ensuring that drivers are following safety regulations. Management needs to ensure that drivers are adhering to their appropriate hours of rest and work, as well as plan the routes and scheduling that will allow drivers to transport their goods.

The advent of technology has made this a significantly easier job. Thanks to satellite communication, cell phones and the internet, it’s faster and more efficient than ever to keep track of where shipments are and get in touch with drivers. That has the additional bonus of making trucking safer for the drivers themselves, as they’ll be less likely to get stranded or lost.

Currently, there is a shortage of skilled truck drivers in the United States, which makes it more important than ever to employ and retain reliable and safe drivers. Long-haul trucking experiences more turnover than short-haul trucking, but the bottom line is the same: it’s a valuable and necessary profession.

The most reliable trucking company in Minnesota

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