How Can Temperature-Controlled Storage in Minnesota Keep Your Food Fresh?

September 15, 2016 7:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you are transporting products that need to remain cold, frozen or dry, in order to keep them fresh, it’s important to find the proper temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota, to house your goods in between deliveries. The warehouse that you select to store goods between transports should be equipped with the correct temperature-controlled facilities to ensure your food products don’t spoil, get damaged or expire.

Refrigerated and frozen options

Refrigerated temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota is ideal for food products that need to be chilled in order to keep them fresh. These include items such as meats and dairy products. This type of storage should be maintained at 32-40°F and have a good seal to the doors to keep the temperature maintained at all times.

Refrigeration of food products will help to increase their shelf life and ensure they get to the retailer as fresh as can be. Using refrigeration can also work to slow bacteria from growing in any food products, which can cause them to spoil. Using temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota can really work to ensure you deliver the best product to your customers.

Some foods require that they remain frozen during the duration of transport and storage. In these cases, you will need temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota that incorporates a freezer system. Freezer storage facilities need to be maintained at 0°F or below for optimal results. Using proper freezer facilities can make sure your food doesn’t spoil before it gets to the retailer, and it will maintain the best quality of your food products. During the transport of frozen foods, you will need a tractor trailer with a chiller to keep them frozen during the delivery process to maintain their freshness when leaving the freezer system at the storage facility.

Dry storage

Even if you are not storing food products that need to be chilled or frozen, you still want an environment that will protect your dry goods. Items such as canned goods, baking supplies, grain and cereals need dry storage. Temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota is still required to ensure these items don’t go bad.

Good ventilation in a dry storage facility is necessary so moisture doesn’t accumulate and grow mold and bacteria. Dry goods should be stored at 50-70°F for the maximum shelf life and to ensure its quality upon delivery. They should also be stored off the floor and away from heat or light sources for the best results and to make sure they stay fresh.

Using temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota can help your food products maintain their freshness upon delivery. Storing them at the proper temperature required will enable you to deliver food products that have a long shelf life and are without containments. Using warehouse facilities from K-Way Express, Inc. will give you access to dry, temperature-controlled storage in addition to refrigerated storage options that are designed to protect your food products as well as keep them at the correct temperature, allowing you to deliver the best product to your customers. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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