Help Our Freight Services in Minnesota Help You by Providing These Details

March 27, 2017 9:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

At K-Way Express, Inc., we make the best effort possible to provide efficient freight services in Minnesota. There are also ways you can help us ship your items so they arrive on time at the right place. Customers occasionally delay their own shipments by making arrangements without being prepared. If you would like your freight to reach its destination as quickly as possible, be ready with the following details when you call us:

  • Dimensions: We provide better estimates if we have the dimensions of your cargo. This is easy if we are moving more large crates or several smaller ones, as you just need to add up your totals. This can be more complicated with odd-shaped cargo, but even then, there are solutions. If you are shipping vehicles, those dimensions are in the user’s manual. Even riding lawn mowers, ATVs and forklifts offer these specifications in their manuals. When in doubt and in need of an accurate estimate, measure the cargo yourself so you can at least give an approximation to us. Also, inflating measurements is better than underestimating them. We can accommodate cargo that is smaller than expected much easier than if you were off by a few inches or even feet in the other direction.
  • Weight: This is a bit more difficult. Again, user’s manuals are helpful, especially with vehicles. However, not all customers own a freight scale to secure an accurate number with cargo weight. You can still guess a little here; for example, if we are transporting 10 clothes dryers, you can look up appliance weight in the manual, multiply that number by 10 and add extra for the crating. Before we ship, we will weigh the truck and cargo anyway to assure compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. Therefore, this fact assists us with logistics, but if you do not have the information or equipment to determine weight, do not fret over this detail too much.
  • Oversize status: If your cargo is oversized, we must know that well ahead of time. Oversized cargo falls under different regulations and we require additional signage and equipment to comply. Arriving at your place of business and finding out about the oversize status of your shipment then will lead to considerable delay because we will not be prepared. Also, if you do not alert us to excess weight, we could be held up at a weigh station. If in doubt on whether your cargo is oversized, just ask.
  • Packaging requirements: Some items are easier to ship then others. Crated cargo that stacks is easy to load while making efficient use of space. Vehicles requiring a flatbed trailer need to be secured, but are also not overly complex. Make your packaging requirements known even if you are crating the cargo at your place of business. We need to plan loading and unloading so that process is efficient, too. Many different-sized boxes have different loading requirements than crates that are all the same size. Once again, if we are prepared, we can serve you better.

K-Way Express, Inc. offers freight services in Minnesota and nationwide. Call us today to get started on moving inventory or equipment.

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