Fuel Waste From Trucking and Solutions

June 11, 2022 3:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In the trucking industry, logistics are of the utmost importance and, for any trucking company, expenses related to transport are some of the most important figures. Waste is a common issue in many areas of logistics and in the trucking industry wasted gas is a common concern. A logistics company will tell you that waste in transport material will quickly add up.

A Common Cause of Wasted Gas: Idling

Truckers commute very long distances every day and during these long trips, truckers often park their trucks while they are still running. The reason for this is understandable as they use this power to control the cabin temperature and power essentials, such as the radio and charging cell phones. While you certainly want your drivers to remain comfortable, such idling uses up fuel, increases shipping costs, and adds to overall pollution.

Legal Concerns

While the reasons for idling may be understandable in many states, cities, and municipalities, idling may be illegal due to the noise and pollution it can cause. A large truck, when left idle, can produce a great deal of air pollution. When totaled for the year, trucks nationwide can add up to tons of various corrosive airborne pollutants. This increases global warming and air pollution, and can greatly reduce the health and quality of life of residents.


Luckily, alternatives exist that allow truckers to travel comfortably and conveniently without having to idle. Auxiliary power units can be used to control the truck‚Äôs cabin climate and power electronics, and allow for use of other electrical systems. APUs offer many power sources including batteries and plugging into the local power grid when traveling. Other solutions include chargeable cooling systems, heating systems powered by either electricity or heated coolant, parking spaces with electrical access, and more.

Final Thoughts

Trucking companies provide services that are essential for modern living. Without the ability to transport needed goods, material shortages and medicine shortages would occur very quickly. However, trucking is a complex industry that relies on many moving parts and can require a good deal of capital to keep running efficiently. Fuel loss due to idling may not seem like a major issue at first, but it can quickly burn through your operating capital. In addition, it can cause legal issues and can inadvertently cause many issues for both people and the environment. Alternative solutions to help power your trucks when they are not on the road can reduce this unneeded fuel use without negatively impacting the quality of life of your drivers.

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