Five Ways Freight Companies in Minnesota Put Safety First

June 3, 2015 7:35 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Safety is a big picture consideration. Not only do freight companies in Minnesota need to consider being safe with drivers, workers and other people on the road, but also with product. It needs to arrive undamaged and on time, especially if it is perishable. By keeping accidents and mechanical failures at bay, freight companies not only avoid OSHA claims but also provide better service to customers. Here are five ways they put safety first so they can keep their promises.

Careful driving

Accidents delay delivery and damage goods, neither of which is good for your bottom line. It does not help the freight company either, so training drivers in best trucking practices is a priority to preserve a good reputation.

Keeping speed reasonable, watching blind spots and other steps keep accident rates low and delivery timetables running smoothly. Backing up and parking seem to cause most minor accidents, so drivers are screened to make sure they are capable of these tasks, too. While small fender-benders may not cause damage beyond dents and scrapes, they do lead to delays, which is why preventative measures are paramount even in these insignificant scenarios.

Being attentive to road conditions

According to some studies, around 25 percent of speed-related truck accidents involved inclement weather. Freight companies hire drivers who understand that the way a truck responds to a wet or icy road is not the same as with cars. Cutting speed is the best practice here.

It is not just weather-related conditions that affect driving either. Work zones, especially those that narrow roads, are also a place where accidents are likely to occur. Again, it is why freight companies hire competent drivers who know their trucks so they can maintain control in adverse conditions.

Encouraging breaks

Fatigued driving can be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. It is difficult to pay attention to weather and road conditions if you can barely keep your eyes open. Freight companies also plan driver breaks into their logistics to ensure your product travels with an alert and attentive driver, not a tired one.

Maintaining communication

At K-Way Express, Inc., each driver has a direct cell phone for immediate communication with dispatch. Even if accidents never occur, truck breakdowns, unexpected road delays and other events can threaten timely delivery. With this direct link, drivers can let dispatch know as soon as they encounter these obstacles.

This ensures that any issues can be dealt with quickly and drivers can be on their way. In extreme cases, like serious driver illness or catastrophic breakdown, freight companies can contract with back-up drivers in different areas to get a replacement when needed.

Keeping up with maintenance and inspections

To prevent breakdowns that can delay delivery and threaten product quality, trucks are regularly maintained and inspected. The intention is to detect mechanical problems before they become serious and threaten delivery delay. Keeping trucks in good repair means streamlined travel and safety for drivers, products and those sharing the road.

But not all issues can be detected in inspection. Even then, freight companies have a way to manage. Another benefit of direct communication is if a driver detects a possible issue, dispatch can guide the driver to a repair facility so it can be dealt with as a minor maintenance issue instead of a serious problem down the line.

If you are looking for a safe and effective freight company, contact K-Way Express, Inc. for your shipping, storage and logistics needs. We put safety first so you never have to worry about your inventory when it travels with us.

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