Five Qualities to Look for When Seeking a Provider of Temperature-Controlled Storage in Minnesota

February 22, 2018 3:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Many consumer products in today’s world must be handled with care and stored specially to preserve their quality. If your business requires the storage and distribution of electronics, musical instruments, food and beverages, appliances and other temperature-sensitive products, you’ll want to look for a warehousing partner that offers temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota.

Temperature-controlled storage ensures that your products and materials are safe from damage caused by extreme temperatures before being transported. Not every warehouse facility offers temperature-controlled storage, so you must be cautious when selecting a provider of warehouse and fulfillment services. Here are some important things to look for during your search for a top-quality storage provider:

  • Experience: It may go without saying that the warehouse partner you select should have a deep understanding of effective warehouse processes and years of experience operating a successful storage facility. Warehousing and fulfillment can be complex, and you want to be sure the partner you select will do things correctly and maintain the quality of your materials being stored.
  • Well-maintained facility: Putting large amounts of inventory in the hands of an external company can be intimidating because you run the risk of that inventory being lost or damaged. This is why you need to find a warehousing partner with a well-maintained and organized facility. In particular, temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota needs to be checked routinely and kept in good condition to avoid potential problems with temperature fluctuations damaging your materials.
  • Full suite of storage services: When you select a partner that offers temperature-controlled storage, you don’t want them to simply hold your product on their shelves. Make sure your warehousing partner offers a full suite of storage-related services including inventory control, 24/7 product access and fulfillment options.
  • Transportation services: Many businesses aim to work with a warehouse facility that is located close to its carrier facilities, but we recommend you go a step further and find a facility that also provides transportation services. This allows you to streamline your warehousing and distribution processes and keep your products in reliable hands.
  • Ability to meet unique needs: Your business may work with a number of different products or materials that not only require temperature-controlled storage, but have other unique needs as well, such as oversized item storage and cold storage. It’s important to hire a warehousing provider that can meet all of your unique product needs at one facility to keep your inventory together and well maintained.

K-Way Express, Inc. is happy to provide businesses with a variety of warehouse and distribution services at our 40,000 square foot, temperature-controlled storage facility. We also have over 25,000 square feet of cold storage, complete with drive-thru and flow racking. Pairing our facility with our expertise in inventory control and transportation services, our company is well equipped to meet all of your warehousing needs.

For more information about our warehouse and distribution services, call K-Way Express, Inc. today! We have over 65 years of experience providing clients with exceptional transportation services, logistical solutions and warehouse and distribution services. Call today for a competitive quote!

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