Five Inventory Items That Need Temperature-Controlled Storage in Minnesota

April 15, 2016 5:53 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether you’re a large, established company or a small, home-based business, proper storage for your inventory is a must. Not only is a secured and organized storage space important, but so are the conditions in which your products are stored. A big factor is the storage environment’s temperature. Dry or cool, there are some items that require a certain level of temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota—here are five:

  • Bottles of wine: Anyone in the wine industry will tell you that proper storage is essential to maintaining the best possible taste of unopened bottles of wine. To have customers pop the cork on an oxidized, rancid wine would cast a negative light upon your business. So don’t leave wine to the mercy of inadequate indoor temperatures—go with a proper refrigerated warehousing option to preserve wine quality and, thus, value.
  • Furniture: Wooden furniture, treated or not, has a tendency to warp, crack, split and even rot when left open to too much moisture for a long period of time—wood is best kept in low humidity. When it comes to leather furniture, faring well in extremely hot and cold temperature changes is not likely, which is why, if you own leather products in areas where seasonal changes are extreme, you might notice the material peeling, discoloring or growing mildew. Whether new, used or vintage, businesses dealing in wood or leather furniture should consider climate-controlled storage for items not on the showroom floor.
  • Vintage books: Whether a recent wave of customers left you with a load of books or you got your hands on a huge collection, running a vintage or used bookstore can involve periods with an overflow of inventory. Mold, tearing, fading, page curling, getting eaten by insects—leather covers and paper pages will suffer an incredible amount of deterioration when left in hot, moist or dusty locations. Consider using temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota to house some of those books, but keep book information handy so you can accurately inform customers about your entire inventory.
  • Musical instruments: From pianos to strings to woodwinds, all musical instruments are composed of delicate parts and lubricants that can become frail and damaged if exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. Some metal materials will break down, pads can get moldy and split wood can affect sound quality. If selling instruments is your livelihood, get different storage spaces to house individual types of instruments at safe, controlled temperatures.
  • Electronics: The electronics industry is booming, and it will continue to grow as technology advances. Regardless of whether you sell new or used electronics—like televisions, computers and gaming systems—or electronic components—such as cables and replacement circuits—it’s important to use a properly equipped storage space that is free of damage-causing moisture and excessively cold or hot temperatures.

At K-Way Express, Inc, we specialize in temperature-controlled storage in Minnesota, as well as all sorts of other warehousing solutions. If you’re moving your business to another location, you don’t have adequate space to store everything or you’re in need of a specific method for product preservation, contact us today and we will provide you with a complete list of our services.

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