Five Benefits of LTL Trucking in Minnesota

June 1, 2016 6:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Rarely do the stars align perfectly and present us with a situation that goes exactly according to plan. More often than not, there’s something we didn’t account for, some unforeseen variable or something unanticipated that changes the situation from perfect to “not quite perfect.” In the world of freight and logistics, this generally results in a need for LTL trucking in Minnesota.

“Less than load” trucking is a fancy way of saying that a single truck is carrying far less than its maximum capacity. The reason this is usual is simple: the freight industry and its rates are based around a truck’s capacity to carry a certain amount of goods—tinkering with this variable and lowering to a substantially lower level changes everything from profit margins to logistics!

But, LTL trucking does come with some major benefits, if you’re willing to pay a higher rate for transporting a lesser amount of inventory. Let’s take a look at five benefits yielded by LTL trucking in Minnesota:

  1. LTL freight is generally expedited, which means getting your inventory to where it needs to go as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rather than having to travel at the speed of a full freight capacity, LTL trucking is able to cover ground faster, not stopping at as many (or sometimes any) points as would be needed during conventional transport.
  2. For your sensitive freight items, LTL provides great peace of mind. Instead of shipping in conjunction with a full trailer of goods that have the potential to damage your sensitive materials en-route to their destination, LTL trucking absolves these features by keeping your valuable or sensitive items separate.
  3. When you’re working with temperature-sensitive materials, LTL trucking is a viable choice. Temperature controlled transport isn’t a necessity for everything you’re shipping, so why pay for it? Instead, schedule an LTL shipment that’s temperature controlled to avoid the bulk cost of shipping an entire load at temperature controlled rates.
  4. LTL is highly beneficial for short distance freight. Need to get a segment of your inventory across the state quickly and at a rate that’s able to be absorbed within your small business’ shipping budget? In these instances, LTL is cheaper than a courier, quicker than traditional freight and will give you more peace of mind than sending an employee in a rented truck!
  5. Finally, be sure to consider the role of LTL in your supply chain. Have a priority customer with small inventory needs? LTL is the answer. Have a short distance customer with hard-to-anticipate shipping schedules? LTL can help! Knowing where LTL fits into your workflow means being able to capitalize on it in a number of ways.

When things don’t go according to plan or the universe drops a set of hard to manage variables on your plate, don’t tap out until you’ve explored LTL trucking in Minnesota. With some great core benefits as solutions to tricky freight situations, you might find yourself coping better than you expected when you’re thrown a logistical curveball!

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