E-Log Mandate for Trucking Companies in Minnesota Takes Effect December 17

December 12, 2017 3:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As with any industry, the rules and regulations for trucking are always shifting and being expanded to increase safety and efficiency. One new rule for trucking companies in Minnesota to follow has to do with e-logs. E-logs are devices that are used to track many different pieces of information in order to track shifts, keep records of maintenance, determine when service is necessary and much more. Effective December 17, a federal law will mandate that any drivers who currently are required to track their shifts using paper logs begin using e-logs instead. Even though shifting to an e-log system can be a challenge, it offers numerous benefits for drivers, business owners and customers who use trucking services:

  • Increased efficiency: In addition to tracking information about driving shifts, e-logs can also track fuel efficiency. E-logs are capable of closely monitoring fuel efficiency and tracking how much time a truck spends idling. By keeping track of these figures, drivers and trucking companies in Minnesota can identify inefficiencies and determine what the best way is to address these issues. This increased efficiency cuts the cost per mile spent on fuel and, in turn, can translate into savings for customers who need shipping services.
  • Safer shipping: When drivers track their shifts using paper logs, it is easy for them to miscalculate how long their drive should be or when they need to stop for a break. Drivers who work through their break times or drive longer than their shift are more likely to become drowsy and fatigued. E-logs track drive times accurately and they can communicate to drivers exactly when they need to pull over for a break. This keeps drivers alert and increases the safety of cargo and drivers on the road.
  • Reduced operational costs: When a driver misses required breaks, or continues driving passed their allotted shift, a trucking company can incur numerous additional expenses and penalties. E-logs greatly minimize the chance of a driver working longer than they should, and this can keep operational costs low and streamline shipping.
  • Decrease in delays: In many cases, issues with trucks can go unnoticed until they cause a roadside blowout or breakdown. E-logs are capable of tracking the condition of the engine and the efficiency of the truck’s operation. These systems can identify issues with trucks before they lead to major delays, which saves time and keeps shipments running smoothly.

The new e-log mandate can benefit trucking companies in Minnesota and retailers alike, and you can enjoy these benefits when you work with K-Way Express, Inc. For decades, our dedicated team has been providing logistics and shipping services that bring your products to your customers safely, quickly and efficiently. We are committed to delivering exceptional services at affordable rates. All of our experience in the shipping and transportation industry has given us the ability to create solutions that accommodate the specific needs of our clients. To find out more, you can give us a call today—we would be happy to assist you!

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