Does Beer Need Cold Storage in Minnesota?

March 1, 2016 5:10 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Here at K-Way Express, Inc., we are proud to offer cost effective and highly reliable cold storage in Minnesota. Customers who produce or sell dairy, produce, medicine and other products that need refrigeration take advantage of this service often, and we are happy to include it in our wide range of logistics services. But there is one product that some clients are not sure about in relation to cold storage in Minnesota. That product is beer.

Does beer need to be kept cold during the shipping process? To give you the short answer: to attain the best possible freshness and consistency, it does, but different types of beers have different requirements. Here is a closer look at beer and cold storage in Minnesota, and some advice for those who want to ship beer.

Style considerations

When the word “beer” is mentioned, you probably picture a typical refreshing lager or ale in a pint glass. But “beer” is actually a large umbrella term that covers a very wide range of styles and practices, and different beers come with different storage needs.

When it comes to cold storage, the biggest question you need to ask yourself is, “Is this a live beer?” Live beer contains yeast that is still active, which means that, if left at room temperature, it could eventually build up to the point that it explodes. To avoid any bottle bomb situations, you will want to make sure this beer is well refrigerated during the shipping process.

Beyond live beer, beer that has been barrel aged should also be kept cooler than room temperature. In regards to other beer varieties, it is best to always do your research into temperature storage before you ship a new brew.

Freshness and consistency

Regardless of what kind of beer you are shipping, you are always going to want it to taste fresh and consistent to your customers. When you bottle beer, a small amount of oxygen remains inside the bottle, which is not a problem in and of itself. But when you then store that beer at room temperature or higher, the heat can cause your beer to oxidize, which will give it a stale taste. The longer your beer goes without being kept cold, the more likely it is to have that stale taste.

And even if that oxidation only happens to one percent of all the beer you ship, you risk losing a customer forever whenever someone does drink one of those stale beers. That is why consistency is key when investing in cold storage in Minnesota. Make sure your logistics company is known for being very reliable.

Trust the best

You work hard to brew your beer, and you deserve a shipping partner that will treat it with the care and consistency it deserves. The team at K-Way Express, Inc. takes pride in providing reliable and cost effective cold storage in Minnesota, and we hope you will consider trusting us with your craft beer or other temperature sensitive items. Please get in touch today for more information.

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