Daylight Saving Time Means Longer Days for Trucking Companies in Minnesota

March 12, 2018 2:36 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When daylight saving time arrives and our clocks “spring forward,” we all get a little less sleep at first. For most, this results in a day or two of drowsiness. Unfortunately for truckers, daylight saving time can have much more serious implications. When clocks jump ahead, it can lead to minor problems, like difficulty tracking accurate hours with e-logs, to major problems like fatigue on the road and even an increased chance of accidents. Some of these issues are unavoidable, but trucking companies in Minnesota can take steps to avoid the larger issues of accident risk and unsafe driving.

Spring forward and trucking

Even though many people eagerly await the increased daylight afforded by daylight savings time this can actually present difficulties for truckers. People who do office work might experience some decreased productivity because of daylight saving time-related drowsiness, but a driver who is especially sleepy can be dangerous, and even deadly. Transportation officials have reported that most accidents occur in the month after spring and fall daylight saving times. Any change to sleep or work schedules can completely throw drivers off, which results in a lower attention span and a slower reaction time on the road.

Many truckers drive during the night when there is less traffic and clearer road conditions, which makes it imperative for them to get plenty of sleep when they are done with their shifts. Since more daylight means more neighborhood activity, truckers might find it more challenging to get sleep when they have the chance, usually during the day.

On the other hand, longer days can be good news for trucking companies in Minnesota. Darkness spurs the body’s natural process of getting ready for sleep, which can be dangerous for truckers who drive late. During the spring, additional daylight reduces the amount of time that truckers have to spend in the dark and can help them stay alert on their routes.

Adjusting to daylight saving time

The best thing that a trucker can do to reduce the risk of experiencing problems around daylight saving time is to ensure that they get plenty of sleep the night before clocks spring forward. It’s also imperative that truckers adhere to shift guidelines and regulations as specified by the trucking companies in Minnesota that they work for. If a trucker feels drowsy on the job, it’s essential that they find a place to pull over and rest. Driving while tired can be incredibly dangerous and may result in serious accidents and crashes. Sleep is imperative, especially while adjusting to the increased daylight after daylight saving time begins.

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