Challenges Faced by Logistics Companies in Minnesota

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Freight and shipping, especially when perishable goods are involved, are not easy matters. That is why logistics companies in Minnesota often make a plan to ensure that travel is smooth and deadlines are met. If you are considering handling your own freight and logistics, you should realize the challenge before you. Here are four common issues faced by logistics companies.


It is not just winter weather that can present barriers to time tables. Some parts of Arizona frequently forecast temperatures in the triple digits and in some instances, roads become so hot that tires melt off cars. Trucks shipping freight will also face more strain due to air conditioning needs for the driver and any refrigeration requirements of the cargo.

Logistics may have to find ways around the worst weather or give drivers ways to get through it, all while preserving your deadline. Besides just figuring out these routes, logistics must also review the latest in weather forecasts and remain aware of any changes.

Mechanical issues

Despite all good intentions to keep trucks in working order, some issues can be overlooked. An issue that may have seemed like just a minor annoyance can become a major breakdown very quickly. Trucking companies maintain contracts with repair centers so any mechanical problems can be fixed sooner rather than later, but if there is a truly catastrophic event, other plans need to be made.

Logistics needs to have plans for breakdowns, including contingency plans. When a truck is carrying perishable goods, there are no options that allow the load to sit in stasis until it is time to move again. Sometimes setting up a driver with another truck becomes the best option, depending on the pressure of the time table.


Roads close, detours emerge and accidents can back up traffic for miles. While these are all facts of life for the daily commuter, for a truck on a deadline it can be disastrous. Drivers will frequently report route changes due to these circumstances, or logistics can find another way around them. Another option that could work better under some circumstances is rerouting travel after the driver gets through the delay so the rest of the trip concludes quicker.

Driver illness or disability

A vast majority of truck trips proceed safely. Drivers pick up their loads and get them to the appropriate destinations without incident. There are also health screenings to ensure that drivers do not have any issues that will interfere with their job. Even so, it is not possible to detect every contingency. If a driver has a health issue requiring attention, it is up to logistics to find a backup plan immediately. Sometimes it is a matter of coordinating drivers so one is returning from a destination at the same time another is on the way back, so that one can take over the load in a pinch.

Logistics companies in Minnesota are better equipped to handle the contingencies that often arise with freight. To make this easier for your company, hire K-Way Express Inc. to handle freight, logistics, and warehousing to take the best possible care of all your cargo.

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