Causes of Holiday Stress and Overeating for Truck Drivers in Minnesota

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Causes of Holiday Stress and Overeating for Truck Drivers in Minnesota

With the holidays approaching, people across the country are becoming increasingly stressed over looming work deadlines, finances and inevitable visits from extended family. On top of that, the holiday season can increase irritability and stress, which also may lead to eating too much. While it is not unusual for stress and overeating to accompany the holidays, certain groups of people are more prone to both.

There is often extra stress for those who drive trucks during the holiday season—in fact, truckers can experience more holiday stress than the average person. Let’s take a look at a list of the main causes of holiday stress for truck drivers in Minnesota:

  • Scheduling issues: This relates to two different things—work schedules and personal schedules. A driver may want to RSVP to holiday gatherings but not really know the days and times they’ll have off in advance. To ease holiday stress, look at your work and holiday obligations early so you can coordinate. Also, let loved ones know you have a strict driving schedule to ensure clients’ freight arrives to its destination on time.
  • Weather conditions: The fall and winter months tend to bring some unpredictable weather. Couple these weather issues with the rush of holiday season and you get a recipe for stress. Truck drivers need a clean head to navigate safety hazards on roads. Bad weather can also keep truckers from getting home for the holidays. Stress levels can soar all around, but don’t put your personal safety at risk.
  • Aggressive driving: Freight transport drivers typically have strict driving schedules to follow. As a truck driver, you may feel pressured to stay on schedule, while at the same time wanting to be with your family for the holidays. Don’t be tempted to drive faster than is safe or ignore traffic signals, and definitely avoid making sudden lane changes.
    Additionally, truckers regularly have to navigate big freight trucks through hordes of aggressive holiday motorists. This can be both stressful and dangerous.
  • Poor eating habits: Eating right over the holidays is possible, but between work obligations, pressure from family and friends, not getting enough sleep and having a refrigerator full of holiday leftovers, you might feel doomed to fail. The best thing you can do is pack your cooler with the same amount of food you’d take with you on routes during any other time of the year, and refrain from snacking.
  • General pressures of the holidays: This says it all. Your job pulls you one way, your family another way, and all you want to do is de-stress. You should never deny yourself a breather from all the pressures of the holidays. Use your delivery drive as a time to calm your mind and envision the festivities ahead.

Don’t let holiday stress and overeating ruin your next delivery route. Breathe, relax and stay away from second helpings at holiday meals, and know that K-Way Express, Inc. in Minnesota always has its drivers’ and clients’ best interest in mind. Get in touch with us today to learn about how we can partner with your business for success!

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