Benefits of Mixed Palletizing

March 22, 2022 7:57 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Palletizing is a necessity in the manufacturing and shipping industries. Mixed palletizing, also known as mixed load palletizing, is where two or more stock-keeping units (SKUs) are palletized on a single unit load. Mixed palletizing is widely used because of its numerous advantages. Here are five of the top benefits:

1. Stack Huge Variety of Goods

Perhaps the most common benefit of mixed palletizing is the ability to carry a huge variety of goods. Unlike conventional pallets, mixed pallets have three different designs that enable them to carry more SKUs. Display pallets and mixed layer pallets can carry different same-sized products. True mixed pallets have different sizes of cases that allow the placement of different goods with different shapes and sizes.

2. Keep Products Safe

High-density pallets keep products safe by ensuring they are off the ground to reduce the chances of damage from dirt, moisture and other debris. They have proper drainage and air circulation, meaning perishable goods can stay fresh for an extended period.

3. Faster Distribution

Mixed palletizing promotes quicker handling and distribution of goods. Palletizing reduces labor requirements and increases turnaround of delivery vehicles, thus promoting fast delivery of products. Through mixed palletizing, perishable goods can be transported faster, preventing them from perishing.

4. Reduce Risks

Mixed palletizing is associated with fewer risks than other methods used to handle goods in logistics supply chains. Palletizing will reduce the risk of damaging goods during handling and lower the chances of worker injury during handling, shipment and storage. Mixed pallets are strong and can handle bulky goods without breaking.

5. Quick Transportation

It is no secret that palletized goods are easier to transport. Mixed palletizing makes it easier to stack products together and effortlessly track them during transit. In addition, pallets are easy to organize, load and unload. Goods stacked in a pallet are easier and quicker to move than individual items.  

6. Easy Handling

Mixed palletizing simplifies material handling. Pallets have universal shapes and sizes that don’t require special equipment to handle. They can be lifted with simple tools like forklifts and pallet jacks.

Bottom Line

Mixed palletizing is significant in storing and transporting products. Mixed pallets can carry a huge variety of products, keep products safe, fasten distribution, reduce any potential risks, quicken transportation and ease material handling.

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