Be Cautious During Lockdown

May 19, 2020 10:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools closed early and more people are working from home. Meanwhile, every shipping company in Minnesota experiences more demand as people stay home and shelter in place. However, as people stay home and desperately seek new activities, it means more road hazards. If you are a delivery driver, here are five tips for staying cautious during statewide lockdowns:

  • Mind speed limits: Most playgrounds are closed down, but there may be parks that remain accessible for those wanting outside time. Speed limits around parks are often reduced due to the amount of foot traffic. Look out for people in crosswalks and be aware of anyone out walking or riding their bike—especially children. When you follow the speed limit, you are more likely to stop on time and avoid a collision.
  • Be careful with parked cars: People are not driving to work as much, and cars remain parked throughout the day. If you are driving through an urban neighborhood, parked cars obstruct your view of pedestrians and children playing outside. Drive slightly slower and pay attention in case any kids or animals suddenly dart out from between parked cars. Also, drivers may open doors in front of you, or bikers may need time or space to go around parked cars. While there may not be room for everyone, you can be more careful since people are home and more likely to spend time outside.
  • Use contactless delivery if possible: Many shipping companies instruct drivers to avoid handing packages directly to customers or advise taking a customer’s self-identification as an alternative to getting a signature. Others may merely ring a doorbell or deposit cargo on a loading dock, if that is agreed to ahead of time. If an individual or business requests a contactless delivery, honor that request. Alternatives to direct interaction may include ringing a doorbell or texting the customer when you arrive.
  • Honor physical distancing: If contactless delivery is impossible, at least keep to the six-foot rule. Most interactions can be conducted through a glass or screen door or in a conversation where the partners stand six feet away. While this dramatically changes the regular approach to business, it is also manageable. Be aware of the space you give yourself and others.
  • Wear protective gear: Even if you have not been exposed to the virus, it is best to be safe rather than sorry. Delivery keeps you out in public and in contact with numerous people. Also, there is always a likelihood that you are an asymptomatic carrier. Wear masks and change them out throughout the day. Only wear gloves if you know how to avoid cross-contamination. Carry hand sanitizer and use it after every delivery or interaction. Shipping companies are essential businesses and cannot run unless fleet drivers remain healthy. Make preserving your health a priority.

If you seek a shipping company that offers efficient yet cautious delivery throughout Minnesota, reach out to us at K-Way Express, Inc. We are an essential business and remain available for freight and shipping until further notice. Contact us today if you would like a price quote for services.

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